1 year old!

June 1st marks the beginning of my new practice a year ago. Truthfully, writing this is very surreal because it still all feels completely new. I am so grateful and proud of the things that have transpired in the last year (really? it cannot be that long really). The lovely office, clients, my working relationship with Dr. Jen MacGregor (who is easily on my short list for favorite people ever), and that sweet baby I got to have in the middle of it all. I think this website might also be close to completion (*yes it is, it’s done. I’m a perfectionist so it IS, and will also never be) and that’s a big relief. I hope you find it informative and maybe even interesting (if I’m being ambitious). I wish you well on your journey as I trudge along mine! Reach out anytime if you need a bit of support 🙂 ~Betsy

“I have been and am still a seeker, but I have ceased to question the stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me” – Herman Hesse

person wearing blue denim jacket while walking on foggy road

Photo by Rifqi Ilham Ramadhan on Pexels.com

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