Black Lives Matter

I have been wanting to write something in the last few weeks about the protests around the country. Sadly, almost the exact same protests that have been happening since the early 1900’s. I have felt small and inadequate in relation to the power of this issue, timidly hiding behind my privilege because I can, thus not saying much. But that isn’t acceptable and it is part of the problem.

I saw this clip on Last Week Tonight and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I will let her do the talking and make it my job to be an advocate whenever possible. There is simply no way for me to express my condolences to the black community. The burden you must feel is unbearable and my experience in the mental health field has allowed me to bear witness to this. You matter. I hope to continue to educate myself so that I may be a better ally and advocate to you and all other oppressed communities.

I understand that we are the first country that has intentionally become a melting pot. Although that was not likely the intention of the first settlers here based on their treatment of native people (and beyond), it is our ideology now and one that isn’t without turmoil and challenge from those who oppose that. I want to be a citizen in a country that allows asylum to those who need it and one that works to face challenges with empathy and rationale. I know these are all deeply complex issues but it is our duty to try.

There are some amazing local nonprofits to give to in our community, if you are feeling like me: wanting to help but not knowing how. Here are three: 1) Deep Center 2) Loop it Up and 3) Pack. Nationally, there is the 4-star rated Equal Justice Initiative.

For those like me who want to learn more about anti-racism, here is a talk with Ibram X Kendi.

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